Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In Two Days: Houston

I am often approached with this question: "I'll be in [fill in the city] for two days. What should I see while I am there?"

In response, I feature 2-day itineraries to a variety of cities here at Peregrine Online. At the end of each month, a new post introduces the main sites to visit in a city if you only have two days there.

Houston may not be the place most people think of as a top tourist destination. Still, there is plenty to do in the city, and two days there can be well-spent. So, today we'll see how to hit the highlights in Houston in a 2-day timeframe.

Day 1

Night:  if there's a professional sporting event to attend, do that; if not, dinner at Kemah Boardwalk

Day 2

Museum of Natural Science, shopping at the Galleria

Alternate sites:  for real shoppers, hit the outlet mall in Cypress

If you have a 3rd day:  a day at the beach and/or on the Strand in Galveston

For kids:  Galveston beach and ferry trip, the Houston Zoo

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1 comment:

Malcolm R. Campbell said...

I haven't been to Houston unless I get to count the airport or driving through it 20 years ago and seeing nothing but the highway.

NASA would be a fun visit, especially since I've seen a bit of the facility so often by watching launches and landings on the NASA channel.