Thursday, October 28, 2010

More from Texas

While I was in Texas in August, two of my friends and I happened to stumble across a secluded, quiet little beach.  We stopped and waded with the kids for a few minutes until it started raining.  Later, we went back and took my sister, after having told her and my parents about it.  (my parents stopped by while I was away)

We all agreed its best to keep the location of this little beach a secret.  If word gets out, it won't be so quiet and secluded anymore.

Here are a couple of pictures, just to keep you wondering....

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silken said...

I've tried but have not been back to this place. husband cycled out to that area but did not even see the spot!

hifidel said...

So, you mean we are keeping the secret even from those who are supposed to know????

Well, that's better than the secret spreading too far, I guess.