Saturday, July 03, 2010

At the Ball Park

Did you see the video of the guy who got hit in the face at Yankee Stadium while on his cell phone? He was sitting just on the foul side of the pole on the front row, leaning over the field yakking away.  He didn't see the ball bounce up as it came right at him.  And I bet it hurt pretty bad when the ball made its next bounce — off his face.

I'm not a person who likes watching anyone get hurt, but I am glad this video is making its way around the internet.  I've seen lots of cell phone habits that really invite trouble, like this situation.  I mean, you go to the ball park to watch the game, right?  Then watch.  And you get in your car to drive — so drive, don't talk or the phone or send text messages.  It seems like I see it several times a week while on the road — some driver or pedestrian puts himself and everyone around him at risk, simply because  he is so engrossed in his little screen that he can't watch where he's going.

I make good use of my phone, and am practically contactable 24 hours a day via cell phone.  But still... there are times you just have to let it ring, and wait until it's safe to answer.  Like on the road, whether walking or driving.

And of course, at the ball park.

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