Friday, July 30, 2010

Living Overseas and Being Out of Touch

I've been living overseas for a very long time now. When I first moved overseas, the internet wasn't something we all had access to, and I could get out of touch with my hometown very quickly. I didn't know all the newest slang, see all the newest TV programs, and all that.

The internet makes it all pretty much available, though, if I really want to keep up with the pop culture going on in the place where I grew up. But commercials like this one have to make you ask yourself — is there really any reason you would want to keep up?

Um... really?

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Snow City

Snow City must be the coldest spot in Singapore.

A few weeks ago, my friend got a free pass for 4 to go into Snow City, and he gave it to his nephew (my godson) to use. I drove him and his friends down to Snow City to play for a while. When it was time to go, I stepped into the snow chamber for less than half a minute to call them to come out, and I spent the next 10-15 minutes shivering. It was -8•C in there, which is pretty cold when you are just in shorts and t-shirt!

The kids apparently had a lot of fun, judging from the pictures. My godson liked it so much that he asked his uncle to get the pass again when my nephew and his friend arrived. He told them that Snow City was his favorite place in Singapore. There's inner-tubing (or "intertubing," as he calls it), a snow fort, and all sorts of fun stuff.

My friend got the passes again, and they went back to Snow City. I think the little guy might have liked it better than the two teens, but they said it was fun too.

(If you want to do snowboarding, that only starts after 7 pm. A later visit might have made it more fun for the bigger guys.)
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not too Shabby

Using one of my most recent post here, I pasted the text at I Write Like, a site that analyzes your writing and tells you which famous author it is most like.  Here's the result....

I write like
William Gibson

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

You don't know how I wish that was true!

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Perfect Bike Fit

It's never easy to find the perfect bike fit, and I've found it especially hard for female cyclists in Singapore (though it is better now than before, but not by much).  I am happy to have come across Bike Labz in Bedok, where you can get a custom fit for your bike, making it all just right for your own body type and posture.

It really is worth the trouble to get a proper fitting done if you plan to spend much time on the bike.  I'm glad to see Bike Labz offering the service.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Interesting Things to Note About My YouTube Videos

When I was putting my most recent post together, I noticed something interesting about my YouTube videos.  You can view my profile to get a look at what I am talking about.

The thing is, most of my videos that have fairly good traffic are about food (over 8,000 for one of them).  the other big topic seems to have to do with death (two clips involving the dead in Singapore have over 1,000 hits).

But the biggest draw of all the videos I've posted has been the one when I shot a video of the Lion Dance that my neighbors had in their home one Chinese New Year.  No, it isn't the one titled "Lion Dance," but the one called.... Peeping Tom.

I put the title on without thinking much about it, referring to myself shooting video across the carpark into my neighbors' window.  I think viewers (over 18,000 of them) might have had something else in mind when they searched for  "Peeping Tom Video."

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Travel to the Great Wall

My trip to the Great Wall with friends back in May was a fun one.  There were enough of us to make it worthwhile to get a van rather than make our own way there.  The trip to the Wall was a very pleasant drive.

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Travel by Air

My 7-year-old godson and I were talking about my air travel plans for the rest of the year.  I said something about the cheap airline tickets that will allow me to fly from here to Shanghai, then to Texas, then on to Alaska, back to Shanghai, then to Hainan and home to Singapore.  He then reminded my that my upcoming air travel plans would include one more thing — Singapore-Manila-Singapore.  I had almost forgotten about that one when he mentioned it.  His reminder made me tired just thinking about the schedule.

I'm glad that I managed to get cheap airline tickets for each part of the upcoming schedule.  It sure helps make things easier for me, even if the whole thing still will be pretty exhausting.

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Friday, July 09, 2010

Scrabble and the City

In Houston on July 22, there will be a big fund-raiser organized around a Scrabble tournament.  It won't be a real competitive game, necessarily (though you can cheat), but more for raising funds to fight against illiteracy.

The timing of the event is great for me, fitting right in with my 2 older godchildren's newfound interest in Scrabble.  Too bad we aren't in the Houston area.  (Well... not really, I suppose, as we couldn't afford the $500 entry fee anyway!)

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Cheap Lanes

We've had a lot of fun this past week or two bowling at the Civil Servant's Club in Bukit Batok.  The lanes are cheap right now — only $1.50 per game (additional $1 for shoes).  I asked how long the promotion will last, and was told simply, "until further notice."

Great stuff!  And, best of all, the same deal applies whether you are a member or not.  So, hurry up and enjoy the offer while it's here!

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Saturday, July 03, 2010

At the Ball Park

Did you see the video of the guy who got hit in the face at Yankee Stadium while on his cell phone? He was sitting just on the foul side of the pole on the front row, leaning over the field yakking away.  He didn't see the ball bounce up as it came right at him.  And I bet it hurt pretty bad when the ball made its next bounce — off his face.

I'm not a person who likes watching anyone get hurt, but I am glad this video is making its way around the internet.  I've seen lots of cell phone habits that really invite trouble, like this situation.  I mean, you go to the ball park to watch the game, right?  Then watch.  And you get in your car to drive — so drive, don't talk or the phone or send text messages.  It seems like I see it several times a week while on the road — some driver or pedestrian puts himself and everyone around him at risk, simply because  he is so engrossed in his little screen that he can't watch where he's going.

I make good use of my phone, and am practically contactable 24 hours a day via cell phone.  But still... there are times you just have to let it ring, and wait until it's safe to answer.  Like on the road, whether walking or driving.

And of course, at the ball park.

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