Friday, June 18, 2010

Visit Edinburgh

When I was small, my family hosted a friend who lived in Edinburgh, Scotland. At the time, the place sounded so far away, so exotic, and our friend made it seem so appealing.

I have not visited Edinburgh yet, but the name of the place still makes me imagine rolling hillsides dotted with castles. The romance of it draws numerous visitors every year, and one day I hope to be amongst the throngs that visit.

When visiting Edinburgh, I will certainly book into self catering apartments. An Edinburgh self-catering package seems to me to be the only way to go. In fact, I always prefer self-catered facilities when I travel, if I have the choice, as it allows for maximum freedom for the traveler.

And doesn't that sound like the perfect way to see Edinburgh?

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HereBeDragons said...

Could be a very nice way to see Edinburgh. It's an amazing city. Read up a bit on the history before you go - fascinating. I worked there for a summer back a number of years ago and loved it. (Except maybe for the rain every single day. I became a regular at one of the Princes Street Starbucks - buy a tea and sit for 3-4 hours, staring at the castle.)

hifidel said...

Sitting with a cup of tea looking at the castle through the rain even sounds like something I could get used to!

I would love to visit Edinburgh. It hasn't worked itself into my itinerary yet, but I think it will one day.