Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jurong Bird Park

My 6-year-old godson has gotten very interested in all sorts of writing, and so wants to share this article about his experience at the Jurong Bird Park last year. Hope you enjoy!

We rode trains at Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. We went to lots of different stations. I got to whistle with a bird on stage. We saw lots of birds. There were many different kinds, like parrots and stuff. We saw a show with many kinds of birds. And I got a drawing book at the Bird Park.

I think everyone should go to Jurong Bird Park, because it is good, and lots of fun.

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silken said...

nice! good for him for sharing his day. sounds like fun!

hifidel said...

He still talks about it all the time.

You'd like seeing him getting into writing. He's started a poetry book called Under the Oak (mine that's coming out this October is Under the Ash). The first poem in it starts with "Under the oak I lay..." Familiar?

He likes going to the coffee shop with me to work on his writing. He's very serious about it.

silken said...

what fun…for you and him both!