Friday, May 21, 2010

World Expo 2010, Shanghai

I made my second visit to the World Expo in Shanghai this past week. The first time I'd been was for a preview, when many of the pavilions were not yet open, and it was really crowded. I chose then not to go into any of the pavilions, since the lines were so long.

For this visit, I went into several pavilions, again choosing those for which the line seemed reasonable. Most were pavilions for countries in Western Asia, with a few exceptions. And most were very impressive. I liked Morocco the best of those I went into, though Iran, Pakistan, Oman, and Qatar were all very good as well.

I have tickets for 2 more days at the Expo, and will probably be given tickets for several more. I plan to attend as often as I have tickets, and hopefully will get to see many more pavilions. I am impressed with the scale of the Expo, and the fine work the various countries have done to put up a good show.

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