Saturday, April 03, 2010

Hakka Village, Fujian, China

I'll be writing more about the Hakka Villages in Fujian Province in China over the next week or so at this hub, but I thought it would be fun to post a few pictures of the place here too.  These images were taken by my friend Sok when we traveled there together in November, 2008.  I'm glad she's let me use them, because I lost all of my own pictures just a few months after this trip.

The Hakka village (Kejia Tulou) that we visited was in Yongding.  It is one of the more popular locations, only about 4-5 hours' drive from Xiamen.  The place was absolutely beautiful.  We loved the countryside, with the scenic green hilly landscape.  And the structures that form the village are really amazing.  Each is a huge round-shaped building, usually built in groups of five.  The inside of the building houses a courtyard surrounded by numerous rooms for residential use.  It makes for a nice, warm space — cozy, and also easily defended against invasion.  Seeing them built into the hilly landscape surrounding Yongding was really breathtaking.  I enjoyed the drive, seeing the ancient architecture, almost as much as I enjoyed walking amongst the buildings in Yongding.

Fujian generally enjoys a temperate, pleasant climate.  The fresh produce in the area is very good, and I liked seeing the persimmons grown in Yongding all spread out along the roadside, being prepared to market.  It made for a pretty sight, with all the bright orange fruits against the greenery of the surrounding area.

There was a lot about visiting Yongding that was interesting — architecture, culture, food — but one of the things that it is hard to get past is just how pretty a place it is.  If you get a chance to visit, it's very much worth the time and effort you will make to get there.

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