Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fish Oil

The health benefits of cod liver oil have long been appreciated in Singapore, and it was upon moving to Singapore that I first began to pay much attention to fish oil and the good it can do one's health.  It's kind of nice to read about it at and see that all the things I've heard over the years aren't just old wives' tales.

According to, the nutrients from oil-rich fish such as tuna, salmon, cod, sardines, herring, mackerel, and other types of fish come from polyunsaturated fat extracted from the fish's fat tissues.  The Omega 3 fatty acids in such fish can help regulate the body's cholesterol levels, combat heart disease, prevent certain strains of cancer, aid in brain development, reduce symptoms of depression, and even protect the brain from Alzheimer's.  Some suggest that it has the further benefit of helping to reduce symptoms of ADD or ADHD, and it has long been known to promote healing from injury and illness.

Adding a steady supply of good fish to the diet is one way to get your Omega 3, but there are also good fish oil supplements that can help you monitor your intake, making sure you are getting sufficient amounts of Omega 3 each day.  Pop by at to learn more.

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