Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good Hotpot

I went for some nice hotpot with friends over the weekend. We were at Hai Di Lao on Wuzhong Lu (near the Lainhua Lu intersection). The food was pretty good, with a nice selection of food, several complimentary items, and a very nice condiment bar, which is always good at hotpot restaurants for groups who have some who like spicy food and some who don't.

What was really interesting about Hai Di Lao, though, was probably all the other stuff that comes alongside the dining experience. There's free internet access, a small browsing library, and free manicures and pedicures! I enjoyed watching the serving staff with some of their antics as well, including a guy who had a whole routine choreographed around the making of one type of noodles. Another fellow was my favorite of the night, though. He wiped the tables with real flair. It looked a lot like the type of gong fu you'd have to travel to some monastery atop a distant mountain to learn. Pretty impressive stuff.

There are other branches of Hai Di Lao elsewhere in Shanghai, I think, all pretty much in line with the experience I had here.

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