Thursday, March 04, 2010

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is rough, though it isn't serious, provided the patient avoids dehydration. In tropical regions, that is always the trick, as the direct sun can get you zapped, even without the addition of diarrhea and vomiting. Also, the hot, muggy weather in such places means that food can spoil more easily than it would elsewhere.

So, what to do when food poisoning strikes?

• fluids, fluids, fluids — isotonic drinks are great
• avoid all dairy products
• BRAT — bananas, rice, apples, toast (a water rice porridge is preferred here in Singapore)
• rest, and stay out of the sun, if possible
• don't wander too far from the toilet — you'll need it more often than you like!
• if you can't get the vomiting and diarrhea under control, see a doctor sooner rather than later

Even when you eat at places that are usually clean, you can still run across food poisoning. It seems to be most frequently encountered in seafood meals, but certainly not exclusively so. In fact, the doctor recently told me that it can even pass from person to person — information I'd not heard before. He warned that it is very important to clean all surfaces with disinfectant when anyone in the house has food poisoning, because it can pass to the rest of the household.

I hope you don't ever get struck with it, but if you do, don't panic. It's not serious, as long as you keep yourself hydrated. It is, however, decidedly uncomfortable.

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