Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Manis Manis Indonesian Restaurant

I recently popped in to Manis Manis Indonesian Restaurant, almost by accident. It wasn't what I had planned to eat when I made my way to Turf City, but a series of events led me to the door of the restaurant, and after looking over the menu, my friend and I decided to give it a try.

When we got seated, I was pleased to see that the place is comfortable enough, but nothing fancy. It was kind of late for lunch, but there were still a few other tables who had guests lingering after having finished their meals. It looked like the chicken was pretty popular, but the portion was very big, and my friend and I thought the two of us might not be able to finish. So we went for the beef rendang, sayur lodeh, and an avacado drink for each of us, along with the basket of fish crackers that comes with every meal. In most Indonesian restaurants, that would be just about right for two hungry women, but the portions here were much bigger than we expected, and we were really full when we finished (but we did finish it all!).

The food was pretty good, and the prices were not bad at all. We had our whole meal for right about S$20 altogether. Considering the size of the portions, I was impressed with the price. And, I saw that they have a set lunch for just $4.50, which is no more than you'd pay in a food court in a shopping centre. That's a great deal.

I'm pretty impressed with Manis Manis, and I'm sure I'll be back before long. The value for money is hard to beat.

And I noticed they do catering too... a fact I'll keep in mind for future reference.

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