Sunday, January 24, 2010

Neighborhood Watch - update

I recently mentioned that my neighborhood lacks and sort of Neighborhood Watch program. There's been some rowdy behavior in the area lately, but nothing that seems like worth reporting to the police. At the same time, it looks like enough that it would probably be wise to have someone keeping an eye on.

There is an office for the Residence Committee in my building. I didn't realize that, amongst other things, they serve as something like a Neighborhood Watch, only better. With the RC, they don't go around looking for trouble-makers, but instead serve as a communication center where residence can report inappropriate behavior without having to make a police report. If there seems to be a pattern of such activity, the residence council can bring it to the police department's attention. In this way, citizens can be involved in keep the neighborhood safe, but without having to go and waste the police department's manpower following up on every little disturbance.

I still don't like the idea of how we all in my neighborhood sat there and saw the fighting and other things going on a couple of weekends ago without doing a thing, but at least I know this is an avenue available to me for reporting such things.

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