Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Money Talks, and Talk is Cheap

Over the past couple of weeks, two of my friends have been admitted to hospitals here in Singapore for major surgery. One had back surgery, and the other had a large tumor removed. One in Alexandra hospital, one in Glen Eagles. One had a private room, and the other was in a ward with 5 other patients.

Surgery is, obviously, never fun, and no one likes staying in the hospital. For most of us, we'd expect the best service for the patient in the private room at the private hospital. So far, I've been surprised. Her doctor did not even come out after her operation was completed to explain the situation to her husband and those of us who were waiting with him, despite the fact that it took considerably longer than was originally expected. The nurses were fine, but not especially gentle or attentive. Overall, I thought the staff at Alexandra, despite having a more demanding situation with 6 patients to a room, gave more careful attention to the other friend who was staying there than the nurses at Glen Eagles gave to the one in their care.

Usually we like to think we get what we pay for. In this case, it didn't seem to me to be true. It's something I'll keep in mind if I have a need for medical care any time in the near future.

*touching wood now*

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