Monday, December 28, 2009

Fat Fish in Sembawang

I recently went to Fat Fish Steamboat Restaurant in Sembawang with some friends. The food was not bad, and the atmosphere was lots of fun. The service was good, both polite and prompt.

We ordered a steamboat set, which was good. The mango salad, though, was my favorite, and seemed to be the favorite of everyone in our party, along with the pandan chicken.

Fat Fish is up on top of a hill on Old Nelson Road. When I was there, they said they'd only been open for 3 months. It was not crowded, but also not empty. The location is a bit off the main road, but it is not hard to get to (right across from Sembawang MRT Station, though a bit of a walk up the hill). It's not bad for a night out, and the grounds look like someplace I wouldn't mind snooping around more, though we didn't do any exploring that day.

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