Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Book Reviews

When I first moved away from the US about 17 years ago, fresh out of college, the market for Christian fiction was just revving up. I read a fair number of novels that are now smack in the middle of that very vibrant (and lucrative) field, but those were just the early precursors of what was to become a pretty big industry.

The flood of Christian fiction seems to be mostly contained in the US, with much smaller amounts available in the markets where I currently live. I usually pick up a few novels within the genre when I am back in the States visiting my parents. But I find it a little overwhelming sometimes to be faced with so many options. Of course, with as big as the market has gotten, there is often a lot of really bad writing to wade through before finding the good books.

With that in mind, I've started putting together a website with reviews of Christian fiction. I am going to include all sorts of titles there, whether they be books marketed specifically as Christian fiction, or works that seem to be of interest to readers who tend toward that market. I've started posting reviews, and will continue doing so. I'm also inviting other reviewers to submit your thoughts for other readers. It doesn't matter to me what your background is, or even whether you yourself are a Christian at all. I am open to reviews from all readers, but the reviews need to be written specifically with the Christian market in mind. Feel free to review titles that are already listed on the site (I'm open to multiple reviews of the same book from different readers), or send something over on any book not yet listed there. I'd really like to see the site expand, with lots of new titles being covered.

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Malcolm R. Campbell said...

Great idea, but now I have a new site I have to keep up with. :-)


hifidel said...

Sorry to be so troublesome!