Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tekka Market Reopens

I popped in last week at the newly reopened Tekka Market, and really liked what I saw. The revamped place is spacious and clean, and looks like it will be a big improvement over the old place (not to mention the horrible temporary facilities it's been in for the past several months!).

Not all of the stalls were filled up yet, and only about a quarter were opened the day I was there. I don't know how badly the reopening of every stall will affect the ease of moving about in the market, though it will obviously have a big impact. All the same, the place seems very well laid out and put together so as to be quite spacious.

I got a good deal on shark at Tekka Market when I was there. My dogs love it, and the new mix of shark meat, cabbage, and white rice is doing wonders for their skin. The girl has healthier skin and coat than she ever has right now. The shark at Tekka Market was just what the doctor ordered (literally), and I managed to pick up 2 sharks (about 6 kg total) for under $40. That's enough to last my dogs several months, so it's pretty much a steal. (Certainly less than what dry dog food was costing.)

The only knock on the renovated Tekka Market is the parking. I had to park on the road when I was there, as the carpark seemed to be closed (though I later saw some cars driving out, so I'm not sure there). When the multi-storey carepark is fully functional, this problem should be solved. I am impressed with the renovations. It looks like the facelift has done wonders for the place.

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