Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sonoran Sun, Mexico - Beach Rentals

The beach rentals at sonoran sun in Mexico look so inviting! The waters are clear, the resort is in a spot that is just quiet and solitary enough, and the accommodations look top-notch. It makes me want to hop on a plane today and head that direction.

If I were free to do so at the moment, I think the puerto penasco condos look like a perfect spot to spend a holiday. I would love the beach and the multi-tiered swimming pool. I think you'd find me in one spot or the other as long as it was daylight, were I there at the moment. (I have to admit, I'd be more likely to be in the water than in the well- equipped gym at the resort, though the gym would do me some good, I'm sure!) I would love a long cycling expedition along the coast as well. There are some amazing views of the sea from puerto penasco sonora mexico, making it an ideal spot for a nice, relaxing holiday.

In the evening, the resort has plenty of entertainment to offer as well, with excellent dining and bar facilities. I'd probably still spend a good deal of time out on the beach at night, on my dream vacation to Mexico. I'd be most likely to sit out by the beach under the moon, watching its reflection play over the face of the sea. I would undoubtedly have a book, a pen, and some blank paper. It would be a good kick-start for some writing that I need to be doing, to spend a couple of weeks in a Sonoran Sun beach rental in Mexico.

Unfortunately, it isn't holiday time for me at the moment. I am having to live out Puerto Penasco in my dreams for the time being. All the same, you can be sure you'll find me there often!

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