Friday, July 24, 2009

Road Trip to Malaysia — where do I get a good deal on a car?

Well, it has taken me longer to get my computer fixed than I thought it would, and so my report on my recent trip to Malaysia is somewhat overdue. All the same, here it is (if a little late). Let me start my report with where the trip started — getting a good deal on a car.

There are lots of car rental spots in both Singapore and Malaysia that can get a vehicle for you. Prices can vary, but overall, it isn't hard to find a decent deal. Getting good service can be a different story. Knowing who to trust is the key here, as good service will make the whole experience a lot more pleasant and comfortable.

I prefer Chan's Car Rental to all the other companies I've used. In fact, the competition is nowhere close. Chan's is a family business, and they obviously take pride in the family name. I have used them at various times over the years, and was very pleasantly surprised this time around when the father, Mr. Chan himself, came out to greet me by name. The business is mostly run by the two younger Mr. Chans now, his sons, and they were equally friendly and helpful, as they have been over the past 15 years of our acquaintance.

Chan's offers good prices on their cars, and the vehicles are all very well maintained. For repeat customers, there is a discount available (and of course, there's the added touch of that personal greeting!). I was able to get our vehicle for 8 of us to travel in for around $300 for the 2 days that we needed it. That's a very reasonable price, and the car was very comfortable and provided a nice driving experience.

There are other car rental companies in Singapore, of course. I've had to use them from time to time when I could not get a vehicle at Chan's for some reason or another (though that doesn't happen often). From my experience, Chan's is still the best, with good vehicles, good prices, and outstanding service. If you need to rent a car, truck, or van, I can highly recommend them. For this recent trip, they've maintained the standard I've come to expect from them, earning full marks once again.

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