Thursday, May 21, 2009


I promised in an earlier post to give some feedback after seeing TNT do Romeo and Juliet in Singapore. I have to say that the show in Shanghai was actually a little better than the same performance in Singapore. I actually had better seats at the Singapore show, though that was wasted because we ended up sitting behind a group of students who were somewhat noisy throughout the show. But what I thought was the bigger difference was the absence of a very moving scene between Cupid and Juliet. In Shanghai, the interaction between Cupid and Juliet as she delivered her soliloquy was very beautiful. Cupid was not included in the same scene in Singapore, and it really diminished the overall show. (I am sure, though, that if I had not already seen it in Shanghai, I would not have felt anything missing at all.)

Anyway, TNT's standard is always good, and I am always happy to see whatever show they put on, in any locale! It was fun getting to watch the two performances of the same show and get a feel for how differently it was played out in the different locations.

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