Monday, April 20, 2009

Xin Fu 131

Xin Fu 131 is one of the hotspots in the Shanghai dining scene at the moment. It is "hot" in two ways, actually. First, everyone is talking about it. Everyone is going to try it out. And everyone is loving it.

But it is also "hot" in that the food is pretty spicy. You can get good Sichuan cuisine there, and it is quite authentic. And hot. And really, really good.

Two of my favorite dishes so far were probably the bullfrog and the shrimp. They are both especially spicy, and quite tasty. Nearly everyone I've eaten with says the same. My #1 favorite, though, is probably the BBQ fish. The chili gets down into the bones, and when you chew on them for a while, it is really hot.

Xin Fu 131 is located at 237 Wan Ping Lu, across from Xu Jia Hui Park.

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