Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Long Spring

It seems like this has been a long spring. That mostly stems, I guess, from the extended Spring Training we've seen in Major League Baseball this year as a result of the World Baseball Classic. With a 6-week-long Spring Training, instead of the usual 4 weeks, it has really stretched out the wait for Opening Day. While it is good to have live baseball, it is also not the same, what with the less competitive atmosphere you'll see in Florida and Arizona during this time. None of this has been made more bearable for me, when you consider the Astros (my team) have had such a poor showing during the exhibition season.

But the meaningless games come to an end soon. In a matter of days, all the teams start again, in a 30-way tie for first place. The games played each day will be waited with significance, each win and each loss counting in the standings. We'll be well on our way into summer with its dog days, and before you know it, we'll all be speculating about October baseball.

I'll be glad that next year's Spring Training isn't of the extended variety. For now, I am just looking forward to Opening Day later this week.

Play Ball!

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