Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fellini Gallery

An acquaintance at the weekly Open Mic session told me about the Fellini Gallery in Shanghai, at 339 Changle Lu. It happens to be around the corner from the Friend's Cafe, where we hold the Open Mic, and since I was a little early, I dropped in at Fellini to have a look.

The exhibition on display now through the 17th is Feng Fangyu's photo collection entitled May Rain. It is an excellent mix of traditional Chinese dress and setting, using flames in each photo. I was very impressed with the whole collection. In addition, there were more paintings and several unique installments by various artists upstairs.

The gallery looks deceptively small on the outside, but has a fair bit of space inside for displaying a wide range of work. I am far from an informed critic, but I really liked the work displayed there.

If you get a chance, do pop in to visit. And, there is a new exhibit scheduled next week.

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