Sunday, March 01, 2009

Miller Outdoor Theatre

The season is rolling around to the time that you can catch shows for free at the Miller Outdoor Theatre in Houston. From March through November, there are shows going on all the time, and all are free.

When I was growing up, I attended all sorts of events at the Miller Outdoor Theatre. It is located in a nice part of downtown Houston, near all of the museums and cultural centers. I saw musical shows, dramatic performances, and all sorts of live entertainment there. It really is a nice spot, especially in the early evening. There's nothing like enjoying an outdoor live performance. I always love the experience.

Check out the website for a schedule of events, and make sure to stop by if you are in downtown Houston. The events are always lots of fun!

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silken said...

we too have caught many fun FREE shows here! thanks for the reminder that the new season is almost here!

hifidel said...

Hey! I'm suddenly able to access my blog again from behind the Great (fire)Wall. Cool!

Miller Outdoor Theater is a nice spot, with lots of good things on the program every year. Let me know what all you see there in the upcoming season!