Sunday, March 15, 2009

making good

I recently wrote about C-Trip's good service. I've traveled with them a fair bit in the past year, and had only good experiences. At least, up until a week or so ago.

They messed up, fairly big. It looked like I was going to lose out on about US$200 as a result of their mistake. I spent a whole day on the phone with them. (Not exaggerating.) It seemed to take forever to get us on the same page about what actually happened.

Finally, though, we got there. And, the good thing is that C-Trip was very good about owning up to their part in the mistake and making it right. They ended up issuing my tickets at a discount, and delivering it to the door. And, of course, refunding the US$200+ (that being of secondary importance to getting the tickets, but still significant!).

The process for getting both the refund and the tickets was incredibly slow and tedious. It became quite infuriating at several points. Still, at least it is done.

It is frustrating when something like this goes wrong. But seeing a big company like C-Trip work overtime to make good when they've dropped the ball was very encouraging. It was enough to make me say that C-Trip is still the place I will look to first when I want to travel, and to recommend others do the same.

Seriously, the only thing better than flawless service is the service that will make good on their word when things go wrong.

Important Word of Advice
When you use C-Trip, don't pay via PayPal. It will only cause headaches, and then the two companies will spend a lot of time pushing blame back and forth before you get your refund. You'll eventually get it, but not without some serious headaches in the process.

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