Tuesday, March 17, 2009

House Hunting

Interesting thing happened while helping a friend with some house hunting last week....

My friends, and American couple, needed some help with translating while they were looking for a flat last week. We looked at about 5 places for them that afternoon. While we were on our way up to the 18th floor to view the final one scheduled for the day, we bumped into a lady in the lift who said she wanted to rent out her flat. I asked her a few questions about it — much smaller than what my friends wanted, but just right for me. I asked more questions, and found out that it is newly renovated, in an ideal location for me, bigger than where I live now, and infinitely nicer. AND, the exact same price. I expressed some interest. She said she could wait for us downstairs in 10-15 minutes, when we finished viewing the flat we were scheduled to see then for my friend.

We went to see it, and it is even better than she described. Perfect, in fact. And so, I've got a new place lined up, starting next month. All without any house hunting at all. At least, not hunting for one for myself. Can't get any better than that!

I'll put some photos up when I move in next month.

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