Monday, February 23, 2009

some good resources

I finally got myself signed up with C-trip last year, and now wish I had done so sooner. I've always seen it here and there, but had not paid much attention before. But then, last year when I went to Xiamen with my godchildren and their family, I signed up when I booked my tickets online. It turned out that we used C-trip to locate good prices on hotels several times, even getting an excellent deal on a huge suite in Xiamen when we returned, right on Zhongshan Lu.

I've come across another good resource recently for travelers in China, Sherpa. At Sherpa, you can find all sorts of good tips on places to eat in Shanghai and Suzhou. It is a good resource for scouting around and finding good food.

Of course, if your taste is much like mine, you'll find some recommendations for food here too, from time to time. But then, it is sure not to be as extensive as Sherpa's, as I haven't been to as many places as the writers there.... yet!

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