Thursday, February 05, 2009

Poetry Reading

I was able to get back to the Open Mic poetry and music session this week, and it makes me all the more glad to be back in Shanghai. The group has moved to 60 Xinle Lu at the Friends Cafe (it's on the second floor). The staff there is really friendly and helpful, and the tuna sandwiches are really good.

There were a lot of new faces (at least new to me) at the Open Mic session, and we had a nice size crowd, despite the fact that some of the regulars were traveling. The theme for the evening was "Giving," and there were some fun readings and fun discussions.

Next week, the session will be two nights after Yuan Xiao Jie, so the Lantern Festival will serve as the theme. It will be at 7:30 each Wednesday at the Friends Cafe.

It is good to be back in Shanghai.

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