Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Youngest Poet

Last night at the Open Mic gathering at Friends Cafe, we had our youngest poet ever reading some of her work. Here's a picture of everyone's newest favorite poet, Edoukou.

In the second picture, she is chatting with William, the organizer of Open Mic. He does a great job, and was especially good helping our youngest participant ever feel comfortable enough to read some of her work.

If you can join us at the Friends Cafe (60 Xinle Lu) one Wednesday evenings at 7:30, maybe you'll get a chance to hear Edoukou read more poetry.

(She's planning to send me a few pieces, and I'll either post them here or at my other blog. Either way, I'll post an announcement at both sites to let everyone have a chance to see her work.)

*** Edited to Add:
Sorry I can't access the comments portion here, but I saw yours via email, ff&f. She is 10! ***

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Family Fun & Faith said...

How old is the talented young one?