Thursday, February 12, 2009

lots of friends coming over

It's funny how it seems things always come in floods or in droughts. It seems that a flood is coming, having begun with a trickle last year.

The flood will be a flood of people. My friends and acquaintances, several from my hometown. All coming to Singapore for an extended period.

It began last August. A couple from my hometown moved to Singapore, and will stay for 3 years. (Of course, immediately after they moved to Singapore, I was away in Shanghai for two months!)

I just got word at the beginning of this year that one of my best friends will be stationed in Singapore for a while. (The couple will arrive while I am in Shanghai on this stay.)

And, a couple of weeks ago, I got word that my friend's daughter is moving to Singapore too, from my home town. (I'll be in Shanghai when she arrives too!)

It is going to be a fun time with all of my friends living in Singapore — too bad I'm not there to enjoy it with them! :-p (But not to worry, I'll be back before you know it.)

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