Sunday, February 15, 2009

How New York City has changed

My 9-year-old nephew has done an interesting question for his homework this week, and said I could share it on my blog here. This is the set question, and his answer. (He'd like to hear your answers in the comments below too.)

In 2000, New York City had a population of over 8 million people. How do you think life has changed in New York City since 1776, when the population was 22,000 people.

Life in New York City has changed a lot since then did not have cars in 1776.

Having so many people would be a lot of change. People might have gone away, like recycled cans that get thrown away when they are old. There gets to be too many people. They might not understand each other's languages. There might get to be too many people. There's a lot more work for workers to do when there are so many people to take care of. If there are too many on the island, there is not enough land, so they cut down all the trees and build tall buildings.

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silken said...

interesting! I had not heard this question yet! still waiting to hear the boa constricter report!

hifidel said...

what is your answer, silken?