Saturday, February 07, 2009

Decision Time

With the recent good happenings where my visa is concerned, I have a decision to make. I've decided not to just extend my visa, as that means my multi-entry visa might get cancelled. Instead, I am going to leave the country for a short period (a day or two) and come back in as a means of renewing the length of time I may stay. I'll have to do that twice this time around.

So, here are the options:

• Hong Kong is the obvious one, and is where most people go for this sort of trip

• Japan, probably Fukoka — I've never stayed in Japan, though I've stopped in Narita Airport more times than I can count

• Korea, probably Seoul, but possibly Incheon

I am sure there are other options I've not yet thought of, but this is what comes to mind first, and I will probably do one of these (or maybe two different ones) during this 3-month stay in Shanghai. I'll be checking around for details in order to decide, and decision time will be upon me by the end of this month.

Any suggestions will be appreciated!

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silken said...

awesome! what fun decisions to have to make!! :)

Valkrie ANGEL said...

I want them all........*beaming*


hifidel said...

yeah, i would love to do all too!!!