Saturday, February 21, 2009

Decision Made!

I recently said in a post here that I had a decision to make — where to go for my visa renewal trip at the end of the month.

Being that the day I need to travel falls on a Friday, I talked a friend into going with me when she is off work. With our schedules being what they are, that means going on Friday night and coming back on Saturday. So.... best choice seems to be Hong Kong this time around. We'll travel via Shenzhen, then make our way around Hong Kong for a day before heading back.

In March, I'll need to make a similar trip. That time, my departure day falls on Monday, so I will most likely travel alone. I checked out prices to Seoul, and that is looking pretty good.

On the other hand, a friend from Singapore may be visiting then. If that is the case, I'll make travel plans with her. So, one decision down, and one still to go.

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