Sunday, February 01, 2009

Back in Shanghai

I am back in Shanghai, having just arrived yesterday. I'm looking forward to another extended stay. I've got plans to be here through the end of April.

On the agenda for this stay, I've planned for more language studies, hoping to continue with both general language studies and reading of Chinese literature. I'm also planning to see some shows while I am here (though at the time of writing I am not yet sure which ones I'll attend). I might travel to Hong Kong for a night or two, and perhaps make another trip or two to nearby places. And I have plans to do a good bit of writing, and hopefully catch up on some reading too.

The thing I most look forward to, though, is catching up with friends here. It seems that everyone has a very scattered schedule for the next several months, so having an extended stay here will be the only way to catch up with everyone. I'm very glad that the schedule has worked out for me to do so, and am really looking forward to the time here for the next few months.

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