Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year, New Era

This is exciting. It seems that 2009 marks a new era for this blog.

I have, in the past, posted an entry on this blog that was written by my goddaughter about her travels in Malaysia. Today is the first time that my godson (her brother) is allowing me to post his writing here. He went to see a production of "The Tooth Fairy" with his mother a couple of weeks ago, and has, with only minimal amounts of compulsion, written this for me to post here.

So, from the pen of my 6-year-old godson:

Dear Aunty Shelly,

I don't like Macavities because she is bad and I like the story because the tooth fairy, Ruthie, and her brother got Ruthie's tooth back!

The report is very orderly and nicely put together, with an attractive design. It is quite a pleasure to be the honored recipient of such work! I'll look forward to more reviews from the kids in the future.

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