Tuesday, January 06, 2009


You've still got just under two weeks to catch Mousetrap at the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center on An Fu Lu. The show runs through Jan 18, and there are still some tickets available.

Do book early to avoid disappointment. I am not in Shanghai during this run, but have heard good things about the show from some friends who have attended.

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silken said...

it's a good show, though I've never seen it in Shanghai. my husband played Sgt. Trotter in this show (not in Shanghai) around 16 years ago!!

hifidel said...

Sadly, I am having to miss this one because I am not in Shanghai at the moment.

It should be a really fun show, though! I've seen it several times — maybe including the production your husband was in?

silken said...

can't remember if you saw that one or not--another lifetime ago for us, eh?

we are hoping to see another Agatha Christie here in the area this month!