Saturday, December 27, 2008

In a Bad Economy

It is amazing to me to see what has been going on over the past few weeks in regards to the bad economy in the US. I haven't spent much time here (and am now on my way home), but I've heard nothing but bad news from family to family, all in regards to the bad economic situation.

Of course, there is always bound to be one exception, and in this case (as it often has been), the exception is the New York Yankees. In this bad economic situation, the Yankees have now committed $430 billion to 3 players this off season! (And that number might increase yet.) It is amazing the figures that this team is able to spend, even now when everyone else is tightening the belt.

During a few exhibition games that will open the season in 2009, tickets will roll back to the prices that were the norm at the opening of the old Yankee Stadium — that is 25 cents for the bleacher seats, with the expensive seats being just over $1. (During the season, some seats will sell for $2500 per game!) A friend of mine said that on that night you can expect everything else to be priced with an anticipation of what it will cost 100 years from now — $250 hot dogs and $500 beers. What can I say... he's a funny guy.

It is frustrating to a baseball fan to see the Yankees able to buy whatever success they enjoy, especially while everyone else is struggling just to make ends meet.

And, here's the really sick part.... the Yankees' payroll is actually going down in 2009, due to the completion of several big contracts in 2008. Ugh.

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