Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hort Park

Last week when I was back in Singapore, I spent a day with some friends walking from the new Hort Park on Alexandra Road. We started out at the new place, and all of us found it very nicely put together.

From the Hort Park, we began our walk eastward, crossing the big bridge over Alexandra Road, and then continuing along on the elevated steel path constructed up amongst the tree tops. We walked on to Henderson Waves, a beautifully constructed wooden bridge that lets you descend to a point on Mount Faber, where you can continue the hike. (We did, anyway!)

The new parts of the path are really very nicely done, as is the Hort Park. I was impressed with all of the facilities, and was reminded of how good Singapore is at putting technology to work to allow Singaporeans to enjoy nature, even within the city. It is truly a city that exists in the jungle, instead of a city that has simply displaced the jungle. The "clean and green" image of Singapore is much more than just a stereotype, it is the reality. Seeing the way they've set up the Hort Park and the surrounding facilities made me feel very proud of my little island-garden home!

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