Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good to Be Home

My present stay at home here in Singapore is a short one, just touching ground upon coming back from Shanghai, and then turning around to go to the US, it seems. Actually, I have about 10 days here, but it's just about over now, and has flown by quickly.

It has been good to be back, even briefly, getting to see my friends and family here before heading off to see friends and family in my other home. It's also been good to sit down and have some good local food! I always miss it when I am away. I made sure to fill my menu over the past 10 days with things like
laksa and carrot cake (the first meal back)
tie ban dou fu at the coffee shop near my home
XO fish noodles at Holland V (wow! delicious)
naan at the Curry Garden (Turf Club)
lots of home cooked curry that a friend brought by
and plenty of home cooked meals at my godmother's house

It makes me sad to be going away again so soon!

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