Thursday, November 06, 2008

Xi Bei Lang

I've passed by the Hong Kou branch of Xi Bei Lang many times, but only recently finally ate there. It is mostly BBQ, and the food is quite nice. I was surprised to see how much the people at the tables around me could eat — it is very filling, but it seems they had more and more food coming to the table all the time!

The condiments bar at Xi Bei Lang is nice. You have lots of different sauces available to accompany your flame-grilled goods. There were several spicy types of chili, and I took a good mix of those. The red cut chilies were good, as was the Guizhou-style chili sauce.

You can find the Hong Kou branch right next to the football stadium. If you take the lightrail, you can alight at the stadium, then walk north, and it will be in the first strip of shops as you walk. (No. 500 Jiang Wan Lu)

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