Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good XinJiang Cuisine on Nan Dan Lu

On Nan Dan Lu, you can find the newest branch of Yeshari Xinjiang Restaurant. The food is very nice, and the atmosphere is quite comfortable. It is usually a little crowded, so you'll want to be prepared to wait for a table, if necessary (I didn't have to wait when I was there, but there is often a queue.)

I enjoyed the lamb on a pita-type bread. The bread alone is very good too, and I didn't see until after I'd ordered that they also serve it with a plain dip, if you are not a fan of mutton. The bread and lamb are both specialties of Xinjiang cuisine, so it is well worth trying.

My favorite dish of the day, though, might have been the eggplant. It was cooked just right, and all of us enjoyed it very much.

The Nan Dan Lu branch of Yeshari is at number 147. There are several other branches, including one just down the road on Xie Tu Lu. I have heard that the atmosphere is not always as nice as this one, but that the food can be even better!

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