Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fujian Specialty: Sha Cha Mian

When I was in Fujian last week, I really enjoyed trying the local specialty called Sha Cha Mian. It is a peanut-based thick soup, with just a little bit of a spicy twinge to it. You get to choose from a wide selection which seafood items you want to have included in the soup, and then it is all added together with noodles and veggies. It comes out to be a very nice dish! For my Sha Cha Mian, I added in a shellfish called "hai li" and some shrimp, and it made a very nice combination. My two godchildren were excited to get to add duck's heart to their noodles, being the ever-adventurous sorts. We all tried the duck's hearts, and they were quite good too.

"Sha Cha Mian" is literally translated into "sand tea noodles." We asked around trying to find out why the noodles are named this, but didn't really get an answer. The response we got when we asked "Why do you call this sha cha mian?" was something like, "Because that's it's name."

Oh well. It is really good stuff, and not to be missed when you travel to Fujian province! As with any seafood dish we had while there, the seafood was really fresh, making for an excellent meal. If you are a seafood fan at all, I think you will really enjoy travel in Fujian! And if you are at all like me, I would suggest that you stop in the small noodle shops and try what the local people are eating instead of only looking at the bigger establishments that most tourists frequent. The food is better, and the prices much more reasonable at the local shops.

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silken said...

looks good. I guess if that's it's name, it's what you better call it! :)

hifidel said...

I suppose it's always a good idea to call it that, if that's its name.

Makes me wonder what I was thinking when I asked the question.

Anonymous said...

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- Kris