Saturday, November 08, 2008

Chinese Art Gallery Tea & Cafe

Tucked into the alleys off of Taikang Lu, you can find many tea houses, cafes, restaurants, bars, and art galleries. I have a favorite spot there, the Chinese Art Gallery Tea & Cafe at Number 34. It is a bright spot, and can be very quiet in the afternoon. I've spend some afternoons there working in the quiet space upstairs, and found it pleasant to sit and daydream, read, or perhaps even doze off, when I've finished up whatever work I have to do. The art pieces hanging in the upstairs room are very pleasant, perfect company for both work and daydreaming.

The tea and fruit juices I've had there are all quite nice. The owner of the spot makes her own cookies, and they are both tasy and nutritious. She always gives a couple away free if you order a drink, and is quite proud of her handiwork (and rightfully so).

If you go into the alleys off 247 Taikang Lu looking for this spot, the best way to do so is to go in from Taikang Lu itself at the first entrance after Ruijing Lu. You won't have to walk too far before you find this place on the left. Take a book with you (unless you prefer daydreaming and dozing off) and plan on spending a quiet afternoon. It is a perfect place to relax in the middle of the big city.

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silken said...

sounds nice!

hifidel said...

It really is nice! You'd love it.