Thursday, October 16, 2008


Windswept Seafood Restaurant is one of my grandparents' favorite spots to go for an nice meal out together with the whole family. It is one of those spots where we gather for any of a variety of special events, which included Grandpa's 80th birthday a little over a year ago.

The seafood is good there. It is hard to beat the buffet, but there are also a lot of platters to choose from. My favorite, when I don't think I can manage a buffet, is the fried shrimp. It is good.

The staff at Windswept is always very nice too. We've always enjoyed our meals there, and I'm already looking for the next visit with my grandparents!

Windswept Seafood Restaurant
(979) 233-1951
105 Burch Cir
Freeport, TX 77541

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silken said...

since all I care about is the fried shrimp, and the platters are not much less than the buffet, I usually overindulge in the buffet!! :)

hifidel said...

Same here, though sometimes my mom and I share a platter, if I am not up for such a big meal.