Thursday, October 23, 2008

Poetry Reading

The recent poetry reading at xiao xiao was a fantastic event. Lynn and Jen both did a great job with the reading. Each has a rich, resonant voice, perfect for reading poetry. Xu's approach was, to me, the more somber of the two, while Jen had a bounce to both voice and body that brought a lightness to her sometimes heavy ideas. Jen has a tendency toward clever, disruptive twists of language, and that made her reading quite fun.

The location at xiao xiao was completely unexpected for me, and I heard several other first-timers express the same feeling. It's in a little dark alley off of Fuxing Lu, and there is no sign on the door to announce that the place even exists. It gave it a nice cozy feeling for the event.

It was a lot of fun mixing with the crowd there. I was excited to meet up with Lynn and a couple of her fellow Fullbright scholars, and hope to meet up with them again soon to hear more about their work here. It was refreshing to hear about their experiences of their first month in Shanghai.

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