Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pesta Raya

The Pesta Raya Malay Festival of Arts will be hosted at the Esplanade beginning this week. The festival runs from 24 Oct through 2 Nov. Events will include a concert by Indonesia's popular band Ungu. It will be their first time in Singapore. Tickets are $55 per person ($35 concession price for students). It will be a good way to end the month, as the concert is on 31 October at 8 pm.

There are lots of other exciting events to be held at the festival. Here are some you might want to watch out for:
A Love Story between Jazz and Gamelan (Oct 24 & 25)
Sidang Burung (Oct 24 & 25)
Fatskunks (Oct 26)
100% Cilik (Oct 27)
Infinita (Oct 31)
Perempuan Itu Rawanhiba, Rawanhiba Itu Cinta (Nov 1)

There will also be numerous free events throughout the course of the festival, including singing and dancing in various traditional Malay styles.

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