Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cinderella at the Majestic (Shanghai)

Cinderella completed its run in Shanghai last week. The final show, on Tuesday night, played host to a very large, appreciative audience.

The Broadway hit was well-received in Shanghai. Lea Salonga made a beautiful Cinderella — beautiful to both eye and ear. The songs were fun, the pageantry was amazing, and the whole spectacle of the theatre was just right.

The magical elements of the story were very well staged. Early on, when Cinderella was singing in her kitchen alone, there was a nicely staged piece where she walked away from her shadow, and the shadow kept performing its own transformations in the background as she sang. It was very cleverly done, and you could hear all the "oohs and aaahs" of the audience. But nothing was more amazing than the transformation of Cinderella's rags into her gown for the ball. It was so well-done that it was not hard at all to suspend one's disbelief for this show.

I am glad that Cinderella made a stop in Shanghai. It was definitely a show worth seeing!

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