Tuesday, September 09, 2008

San Francisco Opera: The Bonesetter's Daughter

Amy Tan's adaptation of her novel The Bonesetter's Daughter into opera form opens in San Francisco on Sept 13. Shows will run through Friday, October 3.

Tan's collaboration with Stewart Wallace marks her debut as a librettist. Wallace gives high praise for her work, saying that she was a natural, fearless about doing "violence" to the novel in order to fit it to its new medium.

Sat Sep 13 2008 8 pm
Tue Sep 16 2008 8 pm
Sat Sep 20 2008 2 pm
Thu Sep 25 2008 7:30 pm
Sun Sep 28 2008 2 pm
Tue Sep 30 2008 7:30 pm
Fri Oct 3 2008 8 pm

Prices for the matinees begin at $50. For the evening performances, you can find tickets for as little as $20.

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