Monday, September 22, 2008

Live Music Competition at the Melting Pot in Shanghai

For the first time in Shanghai, Chinese bands will join the worldwide live music competition. The contest will be on 28 September in Shanghai at the Melting Pot on Taikang Lu, and the world champ will win US$100,000.

If you've never been to Taikang Lu, that is something you should remedy soon. It is a unique area of town, with all sorts of very artsy shops and venues. The buildings are mostly older, but the atmosphere is generally bright and lively, giving it a good feel of yesterday meeting today.

At the Melting Pot, there is a regular open mic session each week, with a parade of young local and foreign musicians who entertain the audience.

The Melting Pot
288 Tai Kang Lu,
near Sinan Lu

Open 8:30pm-1am
Price Less than Y99 per couple
Accepts International Credit Cards

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