Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home Field Advantage?

It's going to be interesting to see how Hurricane Ike affects this year's baseball playoffs, which begin in about 3 weeks. With the recent storm surging through Houston, the Astros postponed their 3-game series with the Cubs, supposed to begin at Minute Maid Park this past Friday evening. There were hopes that the series would be made up on Sunday and Monday in Houston, but that is not going to happen. Instead, both teams will travel to Miller Park, where Houston will "host" Chicago.

It is odd. This amounts, essentially, to something like a home series for the Cubs. After the series is over, Houston will travel on for their next series in Florida, but the Cubs will stay put to play the Brewers. That makes a nice stretch of games in one spot for Chicago... oh, and it's all in a place right down the road from their own home ballpark. And you can bet the Brewers' fans will be cheering for Chicago, along with Cubs fans who make the drive to see the series (and I bet there will be a lot of them). The Brewers would prefer to see Chicago win and get the currently hot-handed Astros back out of the race for the Wild Card.

This all can't be helped, I know. A storm is a storm, and no one had any control over what Ike would do. It is, all the same, an unfortunate turn of events for the 'Stros, and a very strange situation for them. I hope they can make up for it on the field. It might be the sort of story that baseball fans always seem to enjoy, if the Astros manage to do anything with the rest of their season.

But I've probably already said too much... this kind of talk always seems to jinx a baseball team that is otherwise rolling along nicely.

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